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You will need a podcast client (software), an ipod, or another Podcast/MP3 capable device. Optionally, if you have an updated browswer with necessary plugins, you can click here and you can view the individual podcast (click links to play).

Search Google for Podcast Clients

These Messages as XML - requires Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7 (IE6 and below do not natively support XML).

You can Download iTunes, but beware that many may consider iTunes on a windows computer rather invasive. Some iPod owners consider iTunes a joke and would rather use a different client, but alas 'Big Apple' has a hold on them.
    In iTunes:
  1. Go to iTunes “Store” and click on podcasts.
  2. Then under “Categories” click on religion & spirituality
  3. In the search box type “glory hour”.
  4. Scroll down to The Glory Hour and click on subscribe (free).